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Save The Males
Father's Day weekend is a good time to remind Dad of his importance to the family. Have some family fun at the Dad's Day 5K, a wellness event to promote awareness and education about prostate cancer. Chapter survivors are joined by outside volunteers in this effort to help Save the Males!


You Can Do More!
The Dad's Day 5K is perfect for a family or group. If you are a prostate cancer survivor, or kin to one, gather family and friends to celebrate your, or his, survivorship!

Ask them to support your efforts to fight prostate cancer. Use our new on-line pledging system to organize your group -- and perhaps earn a prize!


How to Save the Males
Father’s Day is an optimum time to remind ourselves to "do the responsible thing for those we love."

We don't roll the dice with our family's welfare...and we do everything we can to improve the odds. Getting checked is easy, and we do it to make sure we don't become a prostate cancer "statistic" and leave our families and friends in a position of living without us. It is up to us to Save the Males. Reminders help.

If you agree with our cause, please consider using our enhanced on-line pledging system to raise funds from friends and family -- and better yet, see if you can get them to join you for the Dad's Day 5K. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Thanks

Who Invented Father's Day?
The idea of Father's Day came from the grateful daughter of a father of six who raised them alone following the death of their mother in childbirth. The daughter began an effective local campaign in Spokane, Washington, gathering key support from ministers and the Spokane YMCA. The first formal observance was held in 1910, but it took another sixty-two years to gain official recognition, despite support from a number of Presidents, the YWCA, YMCA and churches. It became an official national holiday in 1972, and it is now celebrated in 52 countries on the third Sunday of June.


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